Dr. Vishal Chhabra

Degrees: DNB - Psychiatry, MBBS, DPM

Meet Dr Vishal Chhabra, a highly experienced Psychiatrist based in Rohini, New Delhi. With over 19 years of practice in the field, Dr Chhabra holds degrees in DNB Psychiatry, MBBS, and DPM Psychiatry. He is skilled in various areas including Addiction Psychiatry, Neuropsychiatry, and general psychiatry.

Dr Chhabra is a member of several prestigious organizations such as the Indian Association of Private Psychiatry, Indian Psychiatric Society, Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry, Indian Association of Social Psychiatry, and Indian Association of Geriatric Mental Health.

Patients can expect clear communication in either English or Hindi during consultations with Dr Chhabra. At the Chhabra Psychiatry Centre, Dr Chhabra offers a range of medical services, including but not limited to Anger Management, Counseling and Stress Management, Suicidal Behavior, Unexplained Physical Symptoms, and Gastroenteritis Treatment.

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